Fintech companies met with National Betting Authority

The Association of Cyprus Electronic Money and Payment Institutions (ACEMPI) is happy to announce that its President, Mr Ioannis Georgoulas, recently met with the Chairwoman of the National Betting Authority (NBA), Ms Ioanna Fiakkou, to discuss matters of common interest.

The meeting, which was held in a spirit of cooperation, marked the beginning of closer relations between the two bodies, in the interest of efficient performance for the benefit of all stakeholders.

In particular, the ACEMPI and the NBA agreed to schedule regular meetings to share updates and latest developments, and to ensure that their approach to common issues is well aligned.

As Mr Georgoulas pointed out: “There is no doubt that the gaming industry must be properly regulated in the public interest. Together with our partners at the National Betting Authority we will regularly discuss all regulatory issues that affect the Electronic Money and Payment Institutions, to eliminate any trace of non-compliance.”

This step is one of many that the ACEMPI has on its agenda, in an effort to establish itself as a productive player in the industry, which in turn will benefit the local and international business sector and the economy as a whole.